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Moggy Meadows


"You can fancy a girl like mad, but more than the look of her comes into it. You find yourself having to allow for her personality too. At five-thirty in the morning." -- Diana Wynne Jones, Merlin Conspiracy

"A Rescue Worker's Pledge: Give me the helpless, the lost, the homeless wee ones struggling just to live, the innocent refuse of an uncaring land. Send these, the weak abandoned lives to me - I offer warmth, care, hope and love." -- Shirley Davis

"The question is not 'Can they talk?' Nor 'Can they reason?’ but 'Can they suffer?'" -- Jeremy Bentham

I am:
-- autistic (AQ 48, EQ 5, SQ 71)
-- childfree
-- invisibly disabled with with VATER Association and have a cecostomy using an AMT Mini Balloon button
-- atheist (but nicer and more giving than most religious people you'll meet)
-- a compulsive volunteer
-- hypermonogamous (only have sexual awareness with one person)
-- Quirkyalone
-- stuck with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
-- extremely anxious interacting with anyone and self-isolated thanks to Avoidant Personality Disorder
-- somewhere on the multiple spectrum, but I have no clue where still
-- mod at asperger, npd_family, npd_support, aut_dot_snark, aut_cats, and more (including YahooGroups AS-People and AS-Proud)
-- quick to friend new LJers that friend me, if I'm actively checking the site at the time :)

I live with my mother, who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and schizophrenia, plus an autistic ex (sometimes in contact) that has Borderline Personality Disorder, probably Paranoid Personality Disorder, and alcoholism, among other things. (Just explaining the presence of those in my list.)

I don't regard people as being better or less than I am for different mental issues, genders, sexual orientations, skin colors, ethnicities, physical configurations, and so forth. I think that's a horrible way to regard others, in fact. If you're a bigot, then this isn't the LJ for you! ;)

Here is a listing of *some* of the sensory-processing difficulties I have, in case you or others have them:
Auditory (speech) Processing/Recognition Disorder
"Irlen" visual processing distortions
Dyspraxia (extreme clumsiness)
Dysphagia (swallowing problems)
Prosopagnosia (visual recognition issues)
(This doesn't count the sensory sensitivity that makes the world more intense to me than it is to a neurotypical. My senses are more like that of a cat; the NT sensory system seems all dulled-out in comparison.)
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