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A very stressed-out Whoo "woohoo" - Moggy Meadows
January 31st, 2007
03:41 pm
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A very stressed-out Whoo "woohoo"
Doing this "public" on purpose, since I wanted to make the announcement but don't have time to separately write my ex...

My father agreed to short-term fund (we need to raise money to pay him back ASAP) Whoosey's surgery for anything we can't raise up to the $5k mark. We're going to see cardiology (Dr. M) next Tuesday morning, then the surgeon directly after her -- and we'll decide on OR scheduling then.

Of course, now I'm so anxious that I can't find that as pleasant as I'd like. :-p Cardiology said her chances are good yet totally unpredictable, since each individual problem is easily handled in surgery, but all problems simultaneously make it very complicated. (Hence the 30+ non-specialist vets that we called that refused to touch her for any sum!) We're hoping to have OR very early in the week expressly so she'll have the specialty staff on-hand for any issues during recovery all the way until Friday night.

I got to see her chest films yesterday, and it's hair-raising to look at... About 85% of her liver is jammed inside her pericardium, making it about ten times as large as it should be, displacing/restricting both her lungs and her trachea up towards her spine, *and* that majority part has an abnormal appearance. I keep having flashbacks to leaving Fluffy at the vet that last time (even though I know nothing like that could happen at ACC)...blargh, anxiety pill time!

The good news is that Whoo is used to being at ACC and is back to being a charming flirt... ;) The cardiology staff appears to have fallen in love with her -- after we told the nurse, she left for a bit, then came back to say: "did you hear that? Dr. M-- started bouncing all over the hallway with joy when I told her, we're so excited!!"

Back to forms. Forms forms forms. I hate forms. Oh, forms and the zen of cutting miniscule pills. (I'm VERY grateful to albinowolf pointing out that the cardiac meds are available for a few dollars at Target/Walmart.)

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Date:February 1st, 2007 12:00 am (UTC)
I'm glad your dad was able to help out. Seriously, that's excellent news.

Adn... best thoughts to both you and Woo. *hugs*
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