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..and now, enhanced with Friends Only! - Moggy Meadows
June 7th, 2006
07:35 pm
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..and now, enhanced with Friends Only!
I'm not too happy about having to do this, but I've decided to set my LJ to Friends Only (aside from posts that are more restricted than that). Hopefully my life will change in the future and I'll be able to change that, but until then, you can get a general idea about what I'm like from my userinfo -- which is really the whole point of that anyway!

If you're reading this as a non-friended visitor to my LJ, the answer to "can I friend you" is yes... I'll look every few days to see whether anybody new has friended me, and then add you back. (Change to the "let me know you've friended me" approach in response to codeman38's point that having people comment at me about it in communities would lead to a big confusing mess. So just friend me, and once I notice, I'll hopefully friend you.)

(Apologies to those on my flist that are seeing this twice. I decided that since people were commenting on the other one, and I'm likely to reply to said comments, it made more sense to put up a different, commentless post. Kind of defeats the point of "friends only" if I then go on yakking in comments, doesn't it?)

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